Troy Barboza

Department: Honolulu Police Department
Rank: Police Officer
End of Watch Date: 10/22/1987
Age: 24
Cause of Death: Gunfire
Year of Service: 1
Badge Number: 2814
Date of Incident:
Weapon Used: Shotgun
Suspect Information: Life
Incident Details:
Officer Troy Barboza was shot and killed by a drug suspect he had previously arrested. Officer Barboza was an undercover officer and had the suspect arrested after making a cocaine purchase from him. After the suspect was released from jail, he found where Officer Barboza lived, went to his apartment in the 2700 block of Ferdinand Avenue, and shot him with a shotgun as he sat in his living room chair. The 24-year-old suspect fled to San Diego, California, but with the help of mainland undercover officers, returned to Hawaii under the premise of making another drug deal. He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.