Ronald Jitchaku

Department: Hawaii Police Department
Rank: Police Officer
End of Watch Date: 05/07/1990
Age: 52
Cause of Death: Assault
Year of Service: 22
Badge Number:
Date of Incident:
Weapon Used:
Suspect Information: 10 years
Incident Details:
Police Officer Ronald Jitchaku was killed when he hit his head on the pavement as he and six other officers were breaking up what was described as a mini riot. More than 200 people had gathered on Banyan Drive, in Hilo, after attending a nearby rock concert. When a fight between four men started, several others attacked Officer Jitchaku and the other officers as they tried to stop the fight. After the disturbance was under control, there was so much confusion that the other officers thought Officer Jitchaku was unconscious a result of a heart attack. After Officer Jitchaku died in a hospital a few hours later the medical examiner determined he died from a head injury. An investigation revealed he had been punched in the face and fell backwards hitting the back of his head on the pavement. A 27-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with manslaughter and assaulting the other officers. Before his trial he was sent to prison for violating his parole for burglary. In 1991 he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years. Shortly after his release in 1996 he was charged with three counts of burglary and sent back to prison. In 2005 he was returned to prison again for burglary, possession of narcotics, and several other crimes. Officer Jitchaku is survived by three children.