Hawaii Officer Erhard Autrata and family

SHOPO Officer Needs Help

Hawaii Officer Erhard Autrata needs our help. On Friday, December 30, 2022, Officer Autrata and his family lost their home in a fire, and they lost almost everything they owned.

Thankfully, his family was out to dinner when the fire occurred, so no one was injured. They were celebrating Erhard’s youngest daughter’s 10th birthday. Tragically, three of the family’s five dogs died in the fire. Erhard is a husband, grandfather, and father of 5 beautiful girls.

We cannot replace a lifetime of Autrata family memories taken by that fire, but we can help our brother and his family restart. Things we take for granted, like socks, toothbrushes, or a child’s stuffed animal, are all gone. 

We respectfully ask you to give what you can to help the Autrata family rebuild. Please click this link or the image below to donate to the GoFundMe campaign organized by Puna Patrol officers to assist the Autrata family.



Hawaii Officer Erhard Autrata and family