Robert Cavaco

Vice President

Robert represents SHOPO as the Vice President and has been involved with the union for 17 years.  Robert has served in various roles as a union official.  Those roles include Honolulu Shop Steward, Pearl City Honolulu Chapter Director, Honolulu Chapter Vice-Chair, Honolulu Chapter Chairman, and currently as the SHOPO State Board Vice-President.

Robert’s message:

Our Law Enforcement profession and society is changing by the minute every day.  Social media and Body Cams have changed our careers faster than ever before.  There will be many issues and challenges that we will face as a result and we need to be prepared to adapt.

Over the last 48 years, SHOPO has done an outstanding job in achieving pay raises, upholding our labor laws, enforcing our contractual provisions, and improving our working conditions.

It is our duty and responsibility as Union Officials to see to it that all of our members regardless of rank or position is represented to the fullest.  Staying united and all of us working together to improve what we already have will carry us into the future and the end result will be priceless.

Mahalo and stay safe!